Oddities From A Gowanus Apartment

New York Times - "Oddities From A Gowanus Apartment", Brooklyn Historical Society and City Reliquary present Collector's Night 2014In October 2014, Brooklyn Historical Society and City Reliquary presented Collector’s Night 2014. I was included as one of the Collectors, and the article in the New York Times was titled “Where Cockroach Legs and Snow White Have Something In Common” and a slideshow subtitled “Oddities From A Gowanus Apartment”. A photographer was sent to my apartment in Gowanus/Park Slope and snapped a few of my collection pieces. These photographs are directly from the article photographed by Karsten Moran. You’ll see a collection of antique carving and butcher knives, stereo views, skulls, keys, and wet specimens I have both collected and prepared. Also a pretty good portrait of myself by the very talented photographer who was able to get some great exposures out of glass in a very small environment!


Tarot Society Reading Room

Tarot Society Reading Room
On May 30, 2015, I had a fun night providing the tunes between sets for Tarot Society’s show with Public Speaking, Catrina Calavera and Jeanann Dara. Tarot Society Reading Room (4 Charles Pl, Brooklyn, New York) is a space in Bushwick that offers events with capacity for local and visiting Tarot Artists to provide readings.

Jeanann Dara Live at Tarot Society Reading Room, Bushwick Brooklyn, NY, May 30, 2015I came out of semi-retirement on the condition I could spin with vinyl, and Darcey Leonard our host, provided two quality decks. Here’s a sample of the songs played primarily on Vinyl !

Sixth Comm – Content With Blood
Minimal Man – Touch
Sisterhood – Giving Ground
– (Live: Jeanann Dara) –
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard – Black Juju
– (Live: Catrina Calavera) –
The Vanishing – Disaffectionate
Minimal Compact – Deadly Weapons
Ministry -All Day
Danse Society – My Heart
Nico – My Heart Is Empty
– (Live: Public Speaking) –
Cinema Strange – Hebonian Vial
Depeche Mode – Shake The Disease
Nash The Slash – Dance After Curfew
Screen Vinyl Image – Revival
Cocteau Twins -Peppermint Pig
Mephisto Walz – Tribal Conflict
Siouxsie – Ornaments Of Gold
Death In June – The Calling

Meow Day 2015

  The 3rd bi-annual Meow Day was Sunday May 24th, and thanks to my good friends at TheSkullNextDoorNY for representing for me while I was working with Obscura Antiques. The event was held at The Silent Barn, in Bushwick Brooklyn. 

“Meow Day is an event for cat enthusiasts, crafters, activists, and rescuers to celebrate their love of cats while supporting local TNR & adoption efforts!”
Adoptable cats & kittens from A Tail Of Two Kitties, DJ, Meowmosa Cocktails, and vendors supplying vintage and handmade, especially cat-themed objects, like the Anatomic Cat Skull patches that I print.  

 TheSkullNextDoor and I have been working together since 2009 in Milan Italy, selling jewelry and accessories together at markets and collaborating on projects together like our limited line of Bottle Imps. Their jewelry is made of bone, tooth and claw combined with jewelry and repurposed metals and findings, woodwork and these great jawbone bone handled knives most recently.

Online Shop Now Operative

Damage Patch Deluxe n.001 - Zipper Heart, Bronze
Items and objects are now available from MarkSplatter.com more directly via a shopping cart service. The clutter of Etsy is no longer necessary. A select number of my designs and products will be lusted here as well, the Etsy market remaining online. 
The first offering on this site provided by Bigcartel is the classic, the design that started it all. Zipperheart. An object if design inspired by the viscisitudes of the hearts emotion. At one moment closed and then again open in the next. This serves as a vessel for the valuables and momentos you chose to tuck inside. 


Lillies & Remains

Lillies & Remains, 2014 Artwork by Mark Splatter. Glass oblong enclosure, Dried Lillies and Human BoneDried Lilies, representing all the seasons, as I have a custom of collecting lilies at the first chance each season, from florists, discarded flowers or where ever they may be found. The flowers are enclosed with rib bones inside a glass and brass asymmetric oblong enclosure. All contents genuine. Bones are 20th century.

“In the marbled reception hall I received a three band gold ring, from Mark. A token of esteem.”

Bottle Imp

  Bottle Imp Vintage and repro novelty bottles from Brooklyn NY. Creators of Sed-A-Give. These are novelty relabeled glass bottles in amber, clear, green and cobalt. Actual vintage and antique glass, weathered and worn naturally, salvaged from Brooklyn’s Dead Horse Bay, then upcycled into custom novelty snake-oil and quack medicine designs.

No More Heroes – Rowland S. Howard

Rowland S. Howard, No More Heroes Silkscreen Print TShirt by Mark Splatter, 2014. Memorial Tees for Luminary 20th Century Artists and iconsRowland S. Howard († Dec. 30, 2009) is the fourth print in the No More Heroes series of T-shirts. Howard was the Australian guitarist from The Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls and solo artist in his own right. His luminescent guitar and lyrics left a profound effect on my travels across europe and America, burning their slogans into my heart and leading to ever more artists, F. Céline for instance. His mark was felt across the world and this is made for those who felt the music he created as distinctly as I did.
The print is a halftone treated photograph, all-over print with a heavy hand (thick at the seams for opacity). Printed in white plastisol on black Ultraclub ‘Canvas’ 100% cotton in sizes S – 2XL. Printed to order out of Brooklyn, USA.

No More Heroes – Rowland S. Howard on MarkSplatterPrintwerks Etsy

Damage Patch

Damage Patch Deluxe, Unique Textile Design, Fabric Collage by Mark Splatter. Upcycled, Recycled, Screen Printed and Hand Sewn DesignDamage Patches are decorative elements for streetwear apparel, but also attractive framable wallpieces. They developed out of the band logo and graphic patches that are the basis in the punk, deathrock and heavy metal scene jackets and clothing accesories. Damage Patches are purely decorative curios with no affiliation to bands or brands. Using anatomical, dadaistic and sometimes iconographic elements (Alfred Hitchcock, Dennis Hopper, Jeffrey Lee Pierce etc.) they offer a buffer between such strong statement pieces, or alone, as purely graphic elements.

The Damage Patch is rough-cut and offers a degree of imperfection or blemish to an other undesirably perfect garment like a jacket or totebag. They are textile collages using multiple layers of screenprinted imagery, sewn together. The stitching also incorporates design elements in color and line. Sometimes additional Material is added for texture, such as Constructiuon Netting salvaged from building sites across the world on my travels, from Berlin to Athens, Bucharest, Los Angeles and New York City, to recall a few. Lace, faux fur, and fishnet have also been stitched in to some specimens.

The materials used are nearly all upcycled garments and objects, from thrift store jeans and cast away clothing to destroyed jackets, curtains, and sweaters. My trusty industrial scissors are always at the ready when it comes to preparing fabrics. These were obtained in the Berlin Turkish Market from one of their many vendors in the early 2000s and run nearly the length of my forearm.

Damage Patch Deluxe: Zipper Heart (Gold), Screenprint Textile Collage design by Mark SplatterDamage Patch Deluxe is a further take on the idea and upgrade the Damage Patch with an element of functionality or design complexity unobtainable with simple layers of fabric. Functional Zippers adorn the Zipper Heart line of patches, effectively forming a pocket the size and appearance of an anatomical heart split down the middle by an opening and closing zip.

Market Vending in February

The new year starts with two vending events where I will be selling my creations, first on February 8th at St. Vitus Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for their Heavy Metal (Vegan) alongside some friends from the Morbid Anatomy crew, where I will be selling my prints and patches, T-shirt line, and some vintage and antiques. No Animal Products or wet specimens (That Day). More from other vendors including other printmakers, records, curios and crafts.

Then on Valentines Day at The Red Party I’ll be back again selling a little bit of everything, from prints to Bottle Imp creations, maybe some specimens, though I tend to sell those specifically for Morbid Anatomy. That will be alongside my friends from The Skull Next Door who I have vended with in both Milan and New York!

February 8th, at 3:00pm – 8:00pm
Saint Vitus Bar
1120 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11222

At THE GALLERY AT Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker St New York, NY 10012

Ruyschian Jar: Seahorse

Seahorse Wet Specimen Preserved, in assemblage specimen jar in Frederik Ruysch styleOne of my first specimen jars prepared in the Frederik Ruysch style, this seahorse although already dessicated and not in need of further preservation, is at the center of the jar, while the jar itself is the focal object. The sea detritus serves a a natural history environment, all items collected from New York City beaches – from animal and nature remains to man-made waste that is now a common sight in uninhabited areas of nature. But the later element is not just an inevitable result of human industry, this debris can often serve its purpose in the natural world providing shelter and breeding grounds for some species.

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