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Anarchist Evening Entertainment #002

Anarchist Evening Entertainment continues with a new week of programming of things I’ve been watching lately. Starting with a documentary on New York City Underground dwellers, homeless liberating themselves in the vacant train tunnels underneath the metropolis. Music videos, A special on Dante’s Inferno, Henri Matisse, and more.

7 Responses to “Anarchist Evening Entertainment #002”

  1. William Deadfly Says:

    I remember a teacher in Junior High talking about the many layers of subway tunnels there, and that there is a particularly known spot somewhere over there that the cops won’t even dare to enter beyond a certain point. Supposidly many curious minds have and have never resurfaced.

  2. Mark Bardamu Splatter Says:

    maybe they liked what they found?

  3. Mark Bardamu Splatter Says:


  4. Andy C Horn Says:

    More fun than than Mimic (1997), which also plays down there. But I really dig movies that have street bums, or outcasts of society as main protagonists: Street Trash, Prince of Darkness, etc.

  5. Andy C Horn Says:

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  6. William Deadfly Says:

    I like chud

  7. Nineiz Ized Says:

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