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Red Party DJ Setlist, November 14, 2015

Thanks to everyone at The Red Party last night! Sean Templar Mandana Banshie Templar Joe Cyn and everyone who came out. Then it was one hell of an adventure getting home (finally got in at 10:30 am)!

Some of what was heard from me last night, more or less:

Calling Dead Red Roses – Creeping Death
Grauzone – Wutendes Glas
Danse Society – My Heart
Death In June – The Calling
Siekiera – Bez Konca
The Factory – Burn Me Up (12″)
The Lords of the New Church – Russian Roulette
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Sometimes
Kommunity FK – Something Inside Me Has Died
The Sound – Resistance
Haunted Mansion Intro
Christian Death – Deathwish
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Ornaments of Gold
Death In June – Fields
Blitz – Flowers and Fire
Bauhaus – Of Lillies And Remains
Killing Joke – Change
The Southern Death Cult – Moya
Strange Boutique – Song From Under the Floorboards
Death In June – She Said Destroy
UK Decay – Testament
Iggy Pop – The Passenger
David Bowie – Modern Love
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Peel Session)
Gene Loves Jezebel – Shaving My Neck
Viele Bunte Autos – Liliputaner
Crisis – UK 78
1919 – Tear Down These Walls

Murder Of Crows

Murder Of Crows, Friday August 7th at Mercury Lounge, NYC with The Brickbats Return, The Harrow and Peeling GreyThis Friday, August 7th at The Mercury Lounge is a special night for music in NYC – Three live bands on one stage with after party and Djs from California and England! Thanks to The Red Party and Salvation and the others for collaborating on an event of this magnitude – no small feat for the NYC club and booking landscape.

The event is titled Murder Of Crows: live bands: The Brickbats Return again to the stage after nearly 200 years. Peeling Grey from Los Angeles are appearing for the first time in New York and with their album release party. The Harrow are from New York and one of its best new artists in years.

Yours truly will be behind the merch stand with my own brand of Deathrock and Gothpunk clothing and accessories from Mark Splatter Printwerk along with my good friends from California of Release The Bats and Killer Pins!

Then on August 30th I will be vending again at the Morbid Anatomy Museum Flea Market Summer Reprise among an increased group of vendors at a larger space next door to the Museum at The Bell House!

The Info:

Those Damn Goths present : A Murder Of Crows

2 Nights of Bands, DJs, Merch Booze, Friends & Fun!


10:30 – 4:00AM
The Brickbats (The Return) (NY)

Peeling Grey (Record Release Party) (CA)

The Harrow (NY)

Sean Templar (The Red Party, UNDERWORLD) (NY)

Martin Oldgoth (thirteen13 radio show, Nostalgia) (UK)

Dave Bats (Release The Bats, Helter Skelter) (CA)

Patrick Cusack (SALVATION, Albion) (NY)
Spinning The best Creepy Crawlies All Night!
Very Special Guest MC Voltaire!

Mandana Banshie (Dorian Gray)

Mercury Lounge

217 East Houston
Doors 10:30 – 4:00 am

$10 Advance Tickets

$15 at Door



10:00 – 4:00AM

DJ Sean Templar

Joe Cyn

Dave Bats

Martin Oldgoth
Special Guest Hosts:

Jenn Bats (Killer Pins)

Brigitte Gothtart (Thirteen13)



$5 BEFORE 11PM / $12 AFTER

Mark Splatter Printworks!

Killer Pins!

Ghoul School Reunion 2012

A Class Reunion for the Dead and the Damned!

One Night Only!

All Original Faculty Members:

Headmaster Mark Splatter
Dean Shane Dingbat
Professor Krieg
Dr. Gabe Reanimator

Spinning the Rare, Obscure, Old, New, but always the Best in Deathrock, Goth, Deathpunk, Horrorpunk, Post Punk, Dark Nu Wave, Punkrock & whatever else we damn well feel you need to listen to!

Class is in session from 9pm until 2am!

Active Repetition

Recently uncovered an old favorite… definitely in the top ten. from school days in west hollywood, unpublished on ghoulschool compilation volume #25, so that means two years one month into the whole debacle. certainly a lot of good music to go around. id like to talk about some new bands but the sheer numbers of the première garde… the sheer numbers! id need to mortgage my life out another three terms.
you remember the time at benito’s burritos when that tortilla chip lacerated your gums? when i screamed profane haiku in japanese at the kindergartenere in prenzlauerberg?

im not saying you dont know this one, but as always, its just a nudge. a fond recollection. im not out to stump anyone’s internal musical encyclopedia, just as im not into hording errata and obscurities. i may well post Submission by the Sex Pistols tomorrow! not because im out to educate! but because THERE is something to be said, there! its a slice of beauty, in an ugly world, its perpetual motion; its an interjection, as direct as Plate Of Shrimp! because if you’ve any recollection at all, youve been there; a filmstrip of monologue with a cacophonous, sublime soundtrack to boot, where you can even feel sorry for the guitar as it cries out in duress.
Product Of Reason – Active Repetition

DJ Mark Splatter Mixtape / Podcast #85 January 2012

Its been a long time since I published any of my mixes, but still every month for the past few years I come up with a setlist of tracks I use while DJing. This time I’ve posted it as a Podcast. I havent made a podcast since 2006, but the collection is suited to the podcast format, because each mix has a story and a theme to it, that relates to the time, the place, and the music I’m listening to at the time. In the long run I will be able to retell all my adventures and stories about travel and exploration, across the globe and the realm of music, cinema and literature, just be looking at these compilations.

It started when I was about to go to the copy shop to commit some crimes against analog printers, but it started pouring and thundering, and, not being one for umbrellas, I convinced myself to stay in. Listening to Radio Ghoul School, one of my old Podcasts came on. It gave me the sudden inspiration to do something else useful, and do another, since its been something thats been on my list of things to try again now that technology is more available. I still used iTunes and Audacity for the formatting of the music, but I used iPhone for doing the voicetracks, and uploaded straight to soundcloud. I’m pleased at how seemless and mobile the technology is, and I hope that I’ll do another one for the other months over the past few years.

[Download Cover Image in full size]

Gourmet Listening

dj mark splatter, motor city bar, les NYC, gourmet listening lounge, punk, rock, postgoth, euro soundtracks, no cover, 21 and up, monday april 16, 2012, 127 ludlow

Last weeks food styling photoshoot results, for a flier for a series of DJ gigs in NYC at Motor City Bar in the LES. the first flier I made a few months ago used a film still captured from Peter Greenaway’s “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” with a food motif, so this time around I tried to build my own image with a specific color palette. The results were delicious, with black rice, golden beets, plums, blood oranges, dried chipotles, and a snack of kalamata olives and a dark red rinded cheese.
[ Photo, edits and typography all done on phone apps ]

Tonight, Monday, April 16, 2012, I’m at Motor City bar, djing from 10 til late, with a collection of trashy sounds smuggled in from overseas.

“Monday night music tasting from the vinyl cellars of the Splatterhaus. Deep cuts of aged post-post punk, fresh green indie stuffed with pimento, pickled punk, and a funky beat euro-filmscore salad.
Wash it all down with a whiskey, wine or beer from NYC’s best and oldest Detroit style dive bar.”

Motor City 127 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002

DJ Splatter #63 – March 2010 Mixtape

#63 – DJ Splatter March 2010 Mixtape (CD063M)

This is a re-post of one of my monthly mixtapes. Most of my recent ones (2011) are unfinished, but I’d like to re-upload all my old mixes. It’s a series of compilations of tracks I’ve been getting into, a compilation of moods, atmospheres, snaps of lyrics or the picture fragment of a moment in time, and just good tracks I’ve been DJing and discovering/rediscovering, all compiled monthly. A cross-section of punk, lounge, vintage, postpunk, and “DEATH DISCO” electropunk and dancerock to fit any locale I DJ at, from cafe to danceclub. Also available at gigs as a handout in Berlin or whatever city I’m in at the moment as a DJ calling card.

Download: Mix ( | COVER ART (.JPG)

1. Bailando (English Version) / Alaska y Los Pegamoides (5:23)
2. Bailando (Version Single) / Alaska y Los Pegamoides (3:47)
3. The Fatal Day / De Press (3:35)
4. At Home He’s A Tourist / Gang Of Four (3:40)
5. Here’s To The Losers / Frank Sinatra (3:07)
6. Blew My Cool / Oblivians (1:55)
7. White Attraction / Joy Disaster (4:54)
8. Strange Little Girl / The Stranglers (2:41)
9. Violet Eyes / My Gold Mask (4:59)
10. Won’t Be Long / The Hives (3:46)
11. Season Of Samhain / Legowelt (4:03)
12. Man Overboard / Blondie (3:20)
13. Hands Around My Throat / Death In Vegas (5:10)
14. She’s Gone / Schleimer K (3:22)
15. La Femme Accident / Orchestral Manouvers In The Dark (6:18)
16. Sliwowitz / Rummelsnuff (3:22)
17. Loneliness / Minimal Man (3:45)
18. No Feelings / Sex Pistols (2:51)
19. Lipstick on the Glass / Maanam (3:04)

The story
Bailando. At this time, I was DJing a few times a week in Berlin and had also gone to Milan and Bucharest for gigs. I was playing mostly indie disco and 80s wave, Like Client and the Knife hit with Siouxsie and New Order. I was making people dance at the Bang Bang Club and the White Trash, and enjoying finding European dance hits from the 80s, from countries like France, Spain, Germany and Italy to name a few. ‘Bailando’ (in two versions nonetheless!) from Alaska y Los Pegamoides being a huge hot across Spain. Spanish tourists and Germans with impeccable taste would always freak out and dance to this track. Just listen to that bass breakdown! Watch the video and it looks like The Lords of the New Church or The Sisters of Mercy looking their black leather lagoon coolest.
Sounds like fun times, but in fact, if it were not for these DJ gigs, I would not have left my bed at all. I was in a deep dark funk, that was anything but groovy. Winter time in Berlin was always cold and grey, but I had started a sort of withdrawl from people after having returned to Berlin after a six month tour, and missing places like Paris, Toronto, Lisbon and Vienna. The room I was living in was full of catpiss, stark and white and far from feeling like my own, after my previous solitary little hole in the wall the year before. Perhaps I had started to feel that Berlin wasnt cutting it for me anymore, stagnant and i ndire need of soemthing new. Some new inspiration. And there was nothing. Every day was a ‘Fatal Day’. This song kept my dancefloors company whenever there was a crowd of black swathed grufftis meandering over the floor. That cold postpunk sound blended right in with a lot of the contemporary “new” wave of postpunk, helping balance out the juxtaposition in time frames, while sticking to my mood like wet toilet paper to a boot heel.
‘At Home He’s A Tourist’ I lifted from the Fall to prop up my position of alienation from home and friends… (where were they?) as well as to punch up the rhythm at the clubs. Getting sick, from too much absorption of reading and movies, and no human interaction. My Anxiety wouldnt let me have any of it. Two steps forwards, six steps back. Small Step for him, big jump for me. Berlin, paradise and party town to millions of tourists, had become a regression. I must have totally “Blew My Cool”.
I knew that somehow, I had to exscape the bright lights, big city, and I couldnt stick around in this town. “It Wont Be Long”. I cant go on and I gotta get gone. Hating what I’d become. With so many songs like this to support a continual feeling of negativity, every lyric became a motto and a battlcry. Particularly when, lacking any support from friends I refused to seek out, these became my advisors.
Having ‘No Feelings’ for anyone, Id already exhausted hope of finding love in Berlin after so many years of the same old thing, anyone I really liked usually repelled me. So I’d turned inwards and had no one to console but myself and these songs a, constant stream of downloaded movies, not to mention Star Trek franchises like Enterprise and a glitchy copy of Sim City.
My Gold Mask was a new discovery that month, a new band from Chicago that had been passed along to me from some DJ friend or another over the net. Although it’s a bit slow song, at the darker, wavier nights it would work well and I got a few inquiries on who this band was, a sort of Black Ice meets Cocteau Twins with a Bats For Lashes treatment.
‘She’s Gone’… She’s always gone. Around then there was no she, anymore. Id fallen out of admiration with everyone. There was no woman. Instead there were ghosts. Ghosts of lovers I’d lost or affairs that never went anywhere, neither could, nor would, underscoring the alienation and lonelieness I was going through. Was I that difficult to get along with? Was I that distasteful? Probably not, but I had convinced myself I was a social leper. Lonelieness was the theme, and I enforced it methodically. By chance, this Minimal Man track came back my way. Every word was another pile of bricks in my wall.
Finally, an instrumental track that didnt give me bad advice. Still, the creeping doom of this slice of John Carpenter worthy minimal chilled me to the bone in the wintery streets of Berlin coming home alone every night in the daybreak. The party over, and me left dutifly behind with my record bag, hood pulled low, the scarf I’d nabbed from the corner of the Bang Bang club one night that still smelt with the perfume of some unknown girl who I imaginend would be just as lonely as I was, a girl who knew how to make herself pretty, but not a glamour doll. She was German, probably a student, with a pale face and short blond hair. If I ever smelled that perfume again, I’d recall that imaginary girl fondly.
There was just me in the subway, in the dark and the cold. Getting increasingly bitter and antisocial… Hands around my throat, or yours?
But little did I know, there was a Strange Little Girl, approaching in the distance. If the inclusion of this track was merely wishful thinking or a premonition, or an afterthought while compiling the entire mix, with that sad, Strange Little thing already in my mind, illuminating me in the inspiration and revelation of her Starlight, that blinding White Attraction. I mustve met her already, because La Femme Accident said some things to me of her. I was still overboard, struggling in a sea of dissatisfaction and apathy.
Lipstick on the Glass was the Bailando of Poland, a European new wave hit that scored extra points with the occasional east-bloc music collectors or poles in the audience, particularly my DJ partner in crime, Jemek Jemovit. Often cometitive about who could get away with playing this track first, although I seem to recall he had the single in his box of 45’s.
Speaking of Polish imports, Sliwowitz was a track from one of Berlin’s local talents at the time, Rummelsnuff. His childlike face, built like a mound of raw granite, sung songs of life the sea, angst and despair with a sort of acceptant somberness, usually fuelled by a heavy dose of this Polish Plum Brandy. Id learned with that to drink primarily whiskey or brandy, straight and neat. Or vodka, in a pickle. But always pure, with interludes of Lime tonic and Mineral Water. How I miss the lime soda that was standard at all the bars in Berlin. I was drinking a lot. I was rarely drunk. and I never paid. I was being paid to drink.
So a toast, by the toastmaster general, old blue eyes. Frank Sinatra, who could make a suicide note into a comedy act. Because at the end of the day, you have to be able to laugh, even when youve been counting curses all night long. Laugh at yourself. Because this misery wont last. Til then , drink your dinner and know, that Frank is smiling down on you.

De Press – ‘Fatal Day’

Always loved this track. Going through my head today as I was about ready to have a terrible day, then I got some good news and spoilt it. But not the song. Enjoy!