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Morbid Anatomy Holiday Market

  Sunday December 13th is once again the biggest day of the season! Morbid Anatomy holds it’s annual holiday bazar,  returning to the Bell House. I, alongside a dozen plus vendors of the unusual, scientific, natural, and strange from crafts to antiques.

 I’ll have a little bit of everything: screen printed apparel and accessories, wet preserved specimens, natural history assemblage, vintage/handmade/upcycled curios and a brand new concept I call a “Mortarium”. These are various bottles of interesting shapes both vintage and contemporary (many thanks to The Library Bar, NYC), holding a melange of dead plants, flowers, bones, bugs, decayed fabrics and book fragments, epigramms, industrial relics and discarded treasures. 

I’ll be selling along with TheSkullNextDoor, PureVile, Invisible Brooklyn, HoardaCulture, Obscura Antiques, Blue Meadow and many more!

The Morbid Anatomy Flea Market Holiday Bazarr

Sunday December  13th


Museum Members allowed entry at 11am

$1 donation for entry at the door

The Bell House 

149 7th Street@2nd Ave in Gowanus Brooklyn 

Smith & 9th Street F/G Train

Curiosity Roadshow

This week I’m once again hitting the road in search of the unknown. But this time in America where there’s a lot more left to be discovered; New England – in the heart of  Massachusetts, to one of Americas largest antiques and collectible a shows for decades. Also different is my aim- more trinkets books and other rarer objects, whereas history, scenery, music, art and alcohol has been my traditional quarry. I have been covering the schedules and maps of the event and it promises to be in comparison the antiques and flea market version of Wave Gothik Treffen, if that means anything to you dear reader. 

Graphic Library #00011


One of my favorite Picasso works, The Accordianist is an early cubist work that was in a recent exhibition featuring Picasso’s ‘black & white’ work. To me it recalls the Piaf song and a surge of atmosphere representitive of it’s time and place. 

Title: The Accordianist
Media: Painting
Artist: Pablo Picasso 
Year: 1911
Painting Collection: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

RESURRECTION: A group art show curated by Observatory

Tomorrow, Saturday Febraury 2, one of my new pieces (a suprise!) will be on exhibit at the RESURRECTION group show at Observatory brooklyn with many other talented artists:
RESURRECTION: A group art show curated by Observatory

February 2nd – March 16th, 2013

Opening reception: Saturday, February 2nd, 8pm (This is also Observatory’s 3rd annual fundraiser and costume party. More info here.)

Gallery Hours: Saturdays & Sundays 12-6pm

Everything goes, everything comes back;
eternally rolls the wheel of being.
Everything dies, everything blossoms again…

—Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

“Resurrection” originally meant “a festival commemorating Christ’s rising from the dead.” In this sense of play and sharing—a festival requires a community—Observatory invites you to witness its rebirth in 2013 in Resurrection, a group show examining all that is symbolically and literally back again.

Observatory’s Resurrection takes as its inspiration comings-back across science and art (the locust, Frankenstein, cloning as resurrection), myth and history (Lazarus, tales of the Flood, the phoenix), the hacking of the once-living (grave robbing anatomists who were called “resurrectionists,” relics of saints, ghosts), and the literal site of the Gowanus, which has absorbed the impact of the centuries like a champ, refusing to die.

Observatory itself experienced a nigh-fatal 2012, weathering a fire-flood and a superstorm only to enter the new year with hope rekindled.

Whatever your views on the circularity of time and the final un-resting place of the spirit, join us for a weird/weirdly beautiful group show, curated jointly.

Participating Artists

Grace Baxter, Ben Blatt, Jesse Bransford, Ryan Matthew Cohn, Joanna Ebenstein, Barbara Ensor, Ethan Gould, Pam Grossman, Megan Hays, Katie Innamorato, Sue Jeiven, Amber Joliffe, Megan Murtha, Annysa Ng, Rebeca Olguin, Katy Pierce, Nikki Romanello, Sigrid Sarda, Dana Sherwood, Mark Splatter, Daisy Tainton, Shannon Taggart & Twig Terrariums4_ricardo3

Balconies of Elsinore

More trains of thought.. With an openended (hey, it was open so i crawled inside) stopover in Elsinore. As I think and read and write I come across these linkages. Writing a sort of ballade of my own, I conjured up Elsinore, to relate a certain element of madness. What comes to mind from Elsinore from other perspectives? I found a poem in Portuguese ( Mário Cesariny “You are welcome to Elsinore”. (
My ballade listed off a register of neo scholar saints, the very same class of individuals I mentioned yesterday. The Picassos, the Piafs, Morrisons, Nicos, Rozzs, Gainsebourgs and Dalis. The icons like Pinocchio, Waldemar Daninsky, and Harlock. to allocate them to positions of the tarot. This recognition of some grand work underway makes this time of sparing and regeneration worthwhile. I’m coming to the end of a cycle and very relieved I did not try to rush into spring without going through this phase. Serendipitously, I’ve reached the final volume of the series I’d dug into in the winter, and amassed a sizable stack of books read on my shelf.
This morning in the news was an article marking the 20th anniversary of the Washington Square Massacre, in which dozens were injured when an Oldsmobile plowed through the pedestrian square in NYC. It mentioned an interest group AutoFree NYC, which gives even more ideas like the ones I’ve been thinking about, and ideas that are being talked about and set into motion. I look forward to investigating one if their monthly meetings.
I believe in automobile free urban zones. Cars are highly unnecessary especially for personal use. Two weeks ago as I was on a particularly long walk I started to think about reducing, and displacing, vehicle traffic in a city like new York by adding a layer above sidewalk level to the streets. The objective being to segregate vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Along with reintroducing tramlines to the New York transit system like most european cities (take Amsterdam or Berlin) this Wouk make the streets of new York safer, cleaner, less polluted and more efficient.
The obstacles? Who would the upper level be assigned to in consideration of safety, practicality without sacrificing the street level store front that is a staple of urban dwelling? Would it be possible to sink lanes rather than raise? I would opt for having vehicles travelling underground through tunnels (formerly street level) while giving pedestrians raised, airy, above ground plazas with greenery and open space free from traffic noise and congestion.
I would ideally take some 99 percent of vehicles off ALL streets, sheerly out of obsolescence. that’s another article altogether, though. But I envision the roads travelled by silent running compact clean green vehicles.
The article on the Washington square massacre used a great term that deemed worthy of word 9f the day , you-a culpa. Taken from a latin prayer expressing guilt, ala mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. The invented Youa culpa displaces the blame on someone else in grand style, canonized in the urban dictionary.

Gourmet Listening

dj mark splatter, motor city bar, les NYC, gourmet listening lounge, punk, rock, postgoth, euro soundtracks, no cover, 21 and up, monday april 16, 2012, 127 ludlow

Last weeks food styling photoshoot results, for a flier for a series of DJ gigs in NYC at Motor City Bar in the LES. the first flier I made a few months ago used a film still captured from Peter Greenaway’s “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” with a food motif, so this time around I tried to build my own image with a specific color palette. The results were delicious, with black rice, golden beets, plums, blood oranges, dried chipotles, and a snack of kalamata olives and a dark red rinded cheese.
[ Photo, edits and typography all done on phone apps ]

Tonight, Monday, April 16, 2012, I’m at Motor City bar, djing from 10 til late, with a collection of trashy sounds smuggled in from overseas.

“Monday night music tasting from the vinyl cellars of the Splatterhaus. Deep cuts of aged post-post punk, fresh green indie stuffed with pimento, pickled punk, and a funky beat euro-filmscore salad.
Wash it all down with a whiskey, wine or beer from NYC’s best and oldest Detroit style dive bar.”

Motor City 127 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002