My print work is inspired by natural history, anatomy, rock’n’roll, the obscure, renaissance art, dadaism, death, and the horror element. The studio began in 2010 in Berlin, selling at trunk shows, bazaars, markets, and online here at Etsy. It then took to the road through Milan and Athens before ending up in New York City.

Upon arriving in New York I began to work with specimen preparation restoration and custom preservations with Obscura Antiques and the Morbid Anatomy Museum. These pieces, animals and organs preserved in fluid jars, are inspired primarily by 17th century surgeon and botanist Frederik Ruysch, whose jarred specimens and tableaus crossed the boundary between fine art and medical specimen.

just a creepy rock’n’roller. a king of shreds and patches, bound in a nutshell. a pirate, sailing around the world, on a definite course to many ports. i design, i plan, i write, i dj.

“home is a leather jacket fitting sweetly to my brain.”

DJ, Designer, Traveler, Adventurer

BOOKING: marksplatter(at)deathrock.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/marksplatter

Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/marksplatter

Current Residence: New York, New York

Previous Residences:

Athens, Greece (2011)
Berlin, Germany (2005-2010)
Los Angeles (2000-2005)
Also: Vienna, Austria / Milan, Italy / Vagabond

DJ Format:

Creepy Rock’n’Roll, DanceRock, ElectroPunk, Deathrock, Post-Punk, Batcave, Gothic, Punk, Minimal Wave, Trash

Current Resident DJ Gigs:

Radio Ghoul School (Streaming Internet Radio)
Dirty Diamonds (White Trash, Berlin)
Sally Ditch (King Kong Klub, Berlin)

Previous Resident DJ Gigs:

• Murder (New York City, 1999)
• Haunt (Hollywood, 2001*)
• Buried Alive (Downey, CA, 2002*)
• Templar, Club Nowhere, Bloody Sunday + more (Los Angeles, 2000-2003)
• Dark Bar (N. Hollywood)
• Ghoul School (W. Hollywood, 2002-2005*)

Guest DJ Gigs and One-Time Gigs:

• DJ support for live shows including:
Cinema Strange, Gitane Demone,
The Deep Eynde, Frankenstein, Element,
Penis Flytrap, Frank The Baptist, Antiworld,
Kommunity FK, Eva O, The Vanishing,
Gene Loves Gezebel, Dinah Cancer, Goldfish,
Low Sweet Chariot, Smatka, Jake The Rapper + more

• Release The Bats (Long Beach, CA, 1999, 2000)
• Wake (Alhambra, CA, 2000)
• Infestation (New Jersey, 2001)
• Herbstnachte Fest III (Burg Rabenstein, Germany, 2001)
• “Splatterfest” Horror Festival (Alhambra, CA, 2001)
• Gothic Beach Studios ‘Friday the 13th’ (Long Beach, CA, 2002)
• Pagan Love Songs (Bochum, Germany 2001)
• Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Leipzig, Germany, 2002)
• Funeral (Eagle Rock, CA, 2003,2004,2005)
• Private Parties throughout Southern California, 2000-2003
• Drop Dead Festival I (New York City, CBGB’s, 2003)
• Drop Dead Festival LA (Los Angeles, 2004**)
• Convergence 10 (Chicago, 2004)
• Gothic Pogo Party Pfingsten (Leipzig, Germany 2004)
• Pagan Love Songs (Bochum, Germany 2004)
• Gothic Beach Studios ‘Friday the 13th’ (Hollywood, 2004)
• Drop Dead Festival II (New York City @ Knitting Factory, NY 2004)
• Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Leipzig, Germany, 2005)
• Under Cover of Darkness Festival (Münster, Germany 2005)
• Ørlög, Duncker Club, Berlin (Berlin 2005)
• Drop Dead Festival III (New York City @ Knitting Factory + Limelight, NY 2005)
• Return Of The Living Dead (Hamburg, Germany 2005)
• Berlin Bars: White Trash, 8mm, Wild At Heart, King Kong Klub+
• Rio (Berlin, 2006)

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