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This is the Current line of T-Shirts:

Anatomical Armor
Debitum Naturae Logo
Trepanation Gear
Mors Succerrere Vitae (aka Death rescues life)
Ossuary Crest
Frederik Ruysch Tableau

This is a collection of t-shirt prints that I print and have printed in my history as an independent artist. They are considered “out of print”.

No More Heroes line:
NMH 001 Dennis Hopper
NMH 002 Jeffrey Lee Pierce
NMH 003 Pier Paolo Pasolini
NMH 004 Rowland S. Howard
NMH 005 Henry Valentine Miller

Death Rock Flyers Collection
DRFC 001 Cramps vs. Christian Death – Out of Print

Creepy Rock’n’Roll / Deathrock.com
CADR (California Death Rock)
Ghoul School
23 Werewolves

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