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Morbid Anatomy Flea Market, Brooklyn, NY – 05/29/16

Vending @ Morbid Anatomy Museum
Sunday, May 29, 2016
11:00am - All Ages
424-A 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, USA 11215

The Morbid Anatomy Museum is a nonprofit exhibition space founded by Joanna Ebenstein, Tracy Hurley Martin and her sister, writer Tonya Hurley, in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York

Other Info
Flea Market with multiple vendors selling taxidermy galore, artful bones, unusual antiques, obscure books, and assorted curiosities.

Date: Sunday, May 29th
Time: 12pm to 6pm (Morbid Anatomy Members will be able to enter at 11am and cut the line! Become a member at http://bit.ly/1HuhNVf)
Admission: $1 (add $7 to go to see our museum exhibition)
Location: The Bell House, 149 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (A block away from the Morbid Anatomy Museum)

Don’t miss the first Flea Market of the season on Sunday March 6th. A one stop shop event for all your shopping needs at the Bell House, with more vendors and more space! Antique hunters and curiosity collectors know than nothing is better than a lazy Sunday spent at a great flea market; at this one, you’ll find all of your favorite artists, makers and antique peddlers.


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Morbid Anatomy Flea Market

Sunday, August 30th is the next Morbid Anatomy Flea Market, where I will be vending my waters. This will be the Summer Market Redux! Since the prior event called for an encore! My sikscreen products like patches, tshirts, totes and postcards will be just one focus. I will also have as usual some wet-specimen preservations, both large, small and even teeny-tiny ones. Some curios, constructed from Dead Horse Bay and other Natural and vintage/antique repurposings and upcycled goods. I will also have a few other vibtage odds and ends to add to the flea market aspect of the day, rather than solely my own crafted goods.

This time however, the Morbid Anatomy Museum will be holding the event for the first time OFFSITE! At the Bell House, where Secret Science Club also held the annual Rogue Taxidermy Contest where in 2013 I walked away with the Belle Of The Ball trophy!) on the other end of the block on 7th Street towards 2nd Avenue. This means more space, more beverages, and more vendors! My next scheduled vending event is in October at the Death Salon taking place at the Mütter Museum, Philadelphia on October 5-6th.collectors-slide-0RVS-slide

Date: Sunday, August 30th
Time: 12pm to 7pm ( Morbid Anatomy Members will be able to enter at 11am; become a member at http://bit.ly/1HuhNVf )
Admission: $1 ( add $4 to go to see our Museum Exhibition )
Location: The Bell House, 149 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215 ( A block away fro the Morbid Anatomy Museum )

More information can be found here!

Graphic Library #00012

Alfonse Mucha, Poster for Lorenzaccio, Sarah Bernhardt - 1896Alphonse Mucha’s poster rendition of the play Lorenzaccio (by Alfred de Musset, 1836) for the 1896 production by Sara Bernhardt Company. The dragon coiled at the top of the frame represents the antagonist, tyrant Alessandro de’Medici, whom Lorenzaccio plots to assassinate in 16th c. Florence. He accomplishes this but only through his own disgrace, even then failing to achieve a republican revolt as hoped. No happy endings here.
The play was never staged in de Musset’s lifetime due to its complexity, but Sarah Bernhardt, eager to play the lead – and title – male role, personally saw to its production and release. This led to a tradition of Lorenzaccio portrayed be a female actress.
Mucha accomplished several posters for Bernhardt, in fact, his work for her was instrumental in his recognition worldwide. Elements of his design incorporated into the posters even made their way to the stage as props, such as the snake bracelet on his poster for Médée (1898).

Media: Illustration
Artist: Alphonse Mucha
Format: Color Lithograph
Year: 1896

Online Shop Now Operative

Damage Patch Deluxe n.001 - Zipper Heart, Bronze
Items and objects are now available from MarkSplatter.com more directly via a shopping cart service. The clutter of Etsy is no longer necessary. A select number of my designs and products will be lusted here as well, the Etsy market remaining online. 
The first offering on this site provided by Bigcartel is the classic, the design that started it all. Zipperheart. An object if design inspired by the viscisitudes of the hearts emotion. At one moment closed and then again open in the next. This serves as a vessel for the valuables and momentos you chose to tuck inside. 


Kiss Your Trash

A few months ago I created a new Tumblr account just to post my favorite pictures from the other tumblrs I began discovering (all hail the *fuckyeah* tag!) when I got my first internet capable phone. I’m posting as much of my graphic/image library thats been accruing since 1999 up to it.


I have two other tumblrs, one for my own portfolio works, and the other dedicated to deathrock and deathrock.com.

What’s He Building In There?

For the past few years, living between Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, or on the road, I have had to do a lot of planning, brainstorming, resource-gathering, researching and day-to-day living from scratch, operating off of a zero-to-none familiarity basis with everything from what equipment and materials were called in foreign languages, to international standards differences (can’t we all just go METRIC already?!) and where to find them, how to describe them and the processes either in English, German or Italian, with a smattering of French and Greek thrown in. Discovering the exact product and supplier can be enough if a problem in your native language already, as I’m discovering.
That’s true with professional terms, and day-to-day things like the contents of hygiene (like the time I bought denture adhesive thinking it was toothpaste) and food products, home-repair, legal issues, citizenship and visa issues… One could probably make a career of being an emigration consultant.
What I miss about living in a foreign place is having been forced out of necessity to push these limits on your own. Rarely do people show you how to do it. It’s difficult to comprehend the displacement that this causes to non-natives. Particularly non-natives who have not been placed there with an established direction by either family or career- these are support systems which take care of a lot of that for a person.
Being back in the USA, I see again the way things are spelled out for you. I havent had to think about that in a long time. The way we’re directed into certain paths, and how people fall into inevitable categories. Its easy to get distracted when you’ve been cutting your own path. So for me to create my own business using my skills as both a printer and a story teller/curator, having to have had to take a divergent path in order to build up to where I need to be, I’m wary of what I had escaped from, from living a life making someone else’s money. That is the opposite of where potential resides. However, I’ve gotten as far as I can go with being a free floating drifter, Ive been lucky to have lived a life according to my own rules, without having to distract myself with the burden of routine responsibility. Which has given me a lot of time to think, to learn, and to absorb art, history, culture, words and places. Now what to do with all that lays in front of me like so much raw material. For almost a year now I’ve been tinkering away with the tools ive brought back from my adventures with me, and researching new ones.
Whats important to keep true to, is the will to self-determination.

November’s Monster

November was out of control! I lost some ground. A lot going on, but with some thinking through I’ve managed to hit the reboot and December gets back on track already. The changing season hit me hard, along with a total sunlight deprivation. Solution? Advance to a seasonal habitation. Winters in Athens, Napoli or Los Angeles? Let’s see next year.
Among the setbacks last month was a not too succsefull trip to Los Angeles. I achieved a fashion show, however thanks to Black Lickorish Latex’s last minute help. I also got to work with the great folks at House of Virtue / Antiseptic Designs. Altogether it was a lesson in organization and forethought. Very punk and very DIY!

[Here we are backstage in the dressing room with the two models who had to be swapped out last minute]

I put a lot of work into my own designs in the early part of the month, not too much in the second part, the holidays and personal stuff, not to mention throwing in a ton of extra hours at day job, working with some very nice high tech Japanese printers. But as for my low tech handmade silkscreen prints, last month I finally succeeded in burning some new screens (all attempts in august and September failed) and made some beautiful Metamorphosis Lycanthropy’ prints in gold on black. These constituted the base for s lace and cotton distressed collage kerchief, as of yet unamed:


Still building up to a point of printing and sewing entire small runs so I can offer more pieces for sale and swag (damn had I not heard that term in forever! Whoever thought that term up, must’ve been in porn) for some bands and artists cross-promotion.

Besides initiating this blog and repurposing the marksplatter.com domain from simply my DJ site to this more all inclusive format to tie in my DJing, printing, artwork, film, record and book collection, travels, journaling, photography (one of my favorites has been instagr.am, a photo taking and sharing app exclusive to iPhone)… All my activities from every facet of my output to the world.
As I develop this site more into an organized platform I’ll migrate AWAY from inane and vapid Facebook. I have created pages for both my Screen Print Works and the clothing/apparel line developed alongside it, Creepy Rock & Roll. Go like them on FB. Share them, follow them. And visit the Etsy shop, to have a look at several new patch and earring designs.