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Pier Paolo Pasolini – No More Heroes

Pier Paolo Pasolini, RIP November 2, 1975, No More Heroes Tshirts from Mark SplatterPier Paolo Pasolini †2 November 1975

No More Heroes is a line of shirts providing memorial for a series of artists, inspirational and motivational to our studio; likenesses of icons and iconoclasts who have been my heroes and mentors – part reverence, part remembrance. Moved by the death of Dennis Hopper in 2010 the series began.

This is Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italian writer and poet, he moved into the film business where he reached the world with his graphic, explicit imagery and biting commentary on the status quo.

Currently no longer in stock on Etsy but available via special order/print on demand.

Essays In Progress

Several Essays are in progress, inspired by themes in my artwork, objects and individuals I admire, and research topics I explore. In a recent line of tshirts I printed, I used deceased individuals that have inspired me as theme. Henry Miller, Dennis Hopper, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Rowland S Howard are all characters of singular quality that lived brilliant lives. Though flawed, their artistic drive and passion far outshine their imperfections. That series is entitled “No More Heroes”, and it calls for such damaged luminaries as modern heroes, in that there is no hero who is perfect in a real world. Heroes who are mortal, heroes who have vices, heroes who despite being able to overcome obstacles, still stumble and fall. A gere who had something to say and who was able to say it and have it heard.